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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Break

Finally a little R & R time has arrived. I'll be spending 10 days with my family in Jamaica. This will be my first time visiting the island. Sun & sand are calling my name. I won't be ditching my workouts, though. I have every intention of keeping up with my tri training plan with early morning beach runs and laps in the pool. If I'm lucky there will be a bike in the gym so I can keep up with that, too. I'll keep you all posted of my routine while I'm there. Every once in awhile it's good to take some time off from the gym, but I've been off of my routine since the Arnold. It's time to get back on track, and vacation is the perfect opportunity! I can't wait to try out some delicious tropical fruits, too. Any Jamaican recommendations?


  1. Have a super time, Tosca---I've never been to Jamaica, but would love to go. I hope you'll make a post when you get back on staying fit in Jamaica. I find it hard to stay on top of fitness while on vacation.

  2. The Jerk seasoning on the meat - chicken in particular is FABULOUS! (if you like spicey) - some are more spice than others. I remember one day the resort did a BBQ and did Jerk die for! Don't know where you are staying, but Dunns River Falls is ALOT of fun, if you can get there. It's by Ocho Rios, where all of the cruise ships dock. There is a "flea market" type thing in Ocho Rios also. There is a painter there - a young man named Lauren Simmonds who painted 3 incredible pictures for my husband and I. Bob may enjoy looking at his work, with his love of painting. The sunsets are incredible - we watched every evening on the beach. Have fun and enjoy the rest and relaxation!

  3. Forgot to tell you - Dunnes River get to climb the waterfall from the bottom. Most of the guides will use your camera to take pictures, as well as the ones they take to sell at the end. Wear your bathing suit and take dry clothes and a towel! It's really fun to do.

  4. I went to ocho rios for my honeymoon and had to best time...would love to go back...we climbed the dunnes river falls and it was fun...the water is very cold but it was still fun...all the fresh fruit was to die for...hope you enjoy your R &R.

  5. Another vote for Dunns River Falls! Have a wonderful time!

  6. Love Jamiaca. The people are so friendly. Dunn River Falls and if you are staying in Negril then a must see is Ricks Cafe...the sunsets are incredible. But be careful if you decide to jump off the rock...I broke my tailbone doing it!!!!

    Butterfly Girl!!

  7. Loved Jamaica! Been twice, enjoy the sun!!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jamaica. We are planning to go back next year. We stayed at the Sandals Whitehouse and it was gorgeous. If you are staying with Sandals, you can visit all the resorts for free.

    On thing that we particulary enjoyed was renting a driver for the day who took us around the island to Rick's to see the cliff divers. AMAZING. And we had the van to ourselves, so we were able to stop at various points, as well as ask our driver questions about the area. With your whole family there, having a private driver shouldn't be an issue (we only had 4 of us).

    We also took a tour that took us up the Black River which was very cool. We also rented 4-wheelers and went scuba diving.

    There's plenty to keep you active, and plenty to keep you rested, as well.

    Have a great time. You absolutely deserve some quality private time. Thank you for all you do for the rest of us! Enjoy!!



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