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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Jamaican Experience

We're a few days into vacation now. I'm so excited because my swimming times are improving so much over here in Jamaica. Swimming the ocean is so great for a challenging workout. Robert & I are still keeping up with our training in the outdoor gym. I'm also still running the beach most days. My mom and I are taking nice long walks, too. Turns out we are a little too far from Dunn Falls to check them out. We are sticking to resort adventures such as jet skiing, snorkeling, and banana boating. I've also finished 2 books, Olive Kitteridge (suggested by Oprah's Book Club) & Fearce Natives Home From Hot Climates (suggested by my daughter Kiersten). What a treat to finish 2 and be working on a 3rd! This never happens at home. I'm sure we're getting too much sun, but I love it! I'm also loving the egg white omelets and oatmeal at breakfast. It certainly isn't hard to eat clean here. Overall it's been quite a treat. A few more days of sun and sand and we'll be back on Canadian soil. I've heard it's beautiful in Toronto and hope it sticks around for us. I hope you're all keeping well, eating clean, lifting hard and loving every moment of the day!
From Jamaica with Love,


  1. 16 degrees and hiking in Caledon today, gorgeous, bet you wish you were here!! ha ha

  2. Sounds like a great relaxing time!

    Counting down the months until we can go back 'home' to Jamaica. Only 8 months left. Oh that's a long wait.

  3. Im leaving for Jamaica on Tuesday! im praying the weather will be beautiful..forecast says "scattered thunderstorms" ugh!..but I've packed plenty of workout clothes :-)..I visited Jamaica in August and climbed the Dunns River was amazing! took about an hour to get to the top..what a great experience..


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