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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday's Talk

On Tuesday I gave a talk at the Millcroft Inn in Alton, Ontario. The event was entirely in support of the Headwaters Health Care Board. Thank you to Booklore, Harmony Whole Foods and the Millcroft Inn for organizing the event. It was a great success. We had delicious treats from the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook & the Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids. Yummy! The audience was fabulous and we had a great Q & A session. Main message of the evening: keep the flax & broccoli and kick the sugar!

Me and my eager listeners. There was excellent audience participation!

The organizers of the event and I. We presented an $800 cheque to Headwaters Health Care Board. Woohoo!

Talking with a few very special guests during the signing after the talk. Thank you to everyone for waiting so patiently. I like to take my time with each person, hear their story, and hope to inspire them further to reach for their dreams. This is my favorite part!


  1. It was the first time I got to meet you in person Tosca, What a great time! You should do more speaking engagements, we all really enjoyed it! Plus I now have my book signed!

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