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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year - New You

Hey Y'All.

Still in Texas - making our way back to Canada today. What a fantastic week away. I did not take a break from training or dieting but I sure did relax with my family and my friends. I ran a deadly 5 miles in Texas Hill Country near our hotel, I swung a golf club out on the driving range - I have never golfed before and I now sense a new love coming on - I love the sound of that club as it connects with the ball. I also did my bricks and read a lot. Love it!!

I will post pictures as soon as we land and unpack much later tonight.

Let me thank you for support - I consider you my extended family and look forward to your comments, stories and advice. All of you triathletes have been super full of information for me. Let's stay in touch about training and prep okay? Also my Sisters in Iron I do love the iron game and still get a thrill when I hear from you about your latest successes and challenges. We grow together.

I also want to thank you, the vigilant ones who let me know when the flavor of the blog is sour - no one wants garbage on this site! I welcome your comments, stories and your friendship but for goodness sake let's keep it clean!

Love and hugs from Texas y'all!


  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your advice and motivation. Your desire to help everyone be healthy is amazing. You are so down to earth and we all appreciate your strength!

  2. Tosca, My husband gave me the Eat Clean Re-Charged book for Christmas! It is the one thing that I REALLY wanted. I have read it cover to cover and I have cut Sugar out COMPLETELY! I read in the book that you did not endorse any particilar protein powder. Is there one that has no sugar or fake sugar that you can point me in the right direction of, there are 100's on the market. I cannot do egg whites so I pair the protein shake with my am Oatmeal.

    Thank you for getting me started off on the right foot this new year! 1 week and already down 4lbs, feel great, tried hot yoga today too!

    Lisa K.

  3. I never see negative comments on here, everybody seems to find you an inspiration.

    Good luck with the Tri training!

  4. wow! you were in my homestate in my hometown area! I'm from Round Rock, not sure if you heard of it while you were there in the hill country but I would imagine so. How did you like the sunsets there? They are spectacular in TX, espiecally in the Austin area.

    I feel you on the whole golf thing, my hubby has been into it for a few years and I think after I finally gave into a game with him, that I might be joining him!

    On the whole health front, I would love to share with you a personal detail in my fitness journey. Almost a week ago, after I have been eating clean on and off for most of this past year, I have decided to draw a line in the sand. There is no more nastiness for my body and for my familys'. I have drawn that line and I'm saying no more! I want to know who the true woman that God made is. I want to be what I was designed for!
    Thank you for pushing yourself and with the success of that, choosing to push and inspire others!!!!

  5. I too am "drawing the line" in the sand and taking a stand for a better eating clean lifestyle. Thank you Tosca for all that you do in teaching, living by example, and for just being you. You have motivated and inspired me to expect more of myself and to not put my health and well-being on the "back burner" anymore...I do for everyone else, (mother to 8) and now IT IS MY TIME TO SHINE! Thank you again for keeping it real and having this blog, I love it!

  6. Tosca,
    You are such a great inspiration for many. I love your books and websites. I started eating clean several months ago when I got your eat clean books and felt great..... Unfortunately during winter break and the holidays I had gotten way off track and I really notice a major difference in not eating clean. I never realized the effects of not eating clean till I did it and then stopped. I am happy to say that with my recent oxygen mag and coming back to your web site and news letter I am getting back on track... Thank you so much for all of your information and inspiration. I have big goals ahead of me and know I can get there with great support...
    Thank you.......

  7. Hi Tosca,

    I recently found out about your TV show 'Tosca: flexing at 49' could you please tell me where I can get a copy of the show, I would really love to watch it. I would pay for a copy if you can send me one!

  8. Hi to all,
    I got your Eat-Clean Diet Expended edition book right before Christmas. I just opened it to read! WOW. I already love it. Iam 42 and about 40 # over weight. I have tried every diet pill and diet out there to only regain the weight. I read your story and thought if she could do it at that age, so can I. A change for life, not a diet. Thank you so much for all you do for all us mom's and ladies out there. You truly are an inspiration in my life.
    I will keep you posted on my success,

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  10. Thank you for getting me started off on the right foot this new year! 1 week and already down 4lbs, feel great, tried hot yoga today too!

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