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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yesterday's Eats

Here's what was on tap yesterday in my house...
My husband and kids don't seem to be minding the Cooler 1 thing too much... although I don't limit them to only what I'm eating.

I do have a work Christmas party coming up this Friday. I'm going to have to stay strong to avoid eating all of the non-Cooler 1 treats they will have. I'll probably bring my cooler with me. Aren't we the craziest bunch of people. But I would rather be slightly crazy and healthy as a result!

Delicious kale and white bean soup made from scratch... slightly off the Cooler 1 mark, but still fabulously nutritious and vegetarian!

Yummy steamed mix veg, grilled chicken and brown rice.

My body wasn't too happy about the switch to less carbohydrates from whole grains. I was drinking lots of water yesterday as a result. I can't wait for the great results, though.

How are you doing?


  1. There is no rice in the cooler plan 1.

  2. Scrumptious soup!

    I'm doing well overall, but am overwhelmed with schoolwork :( 'Tis that time of year.

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  4. The holiday parties can be tricky, it definitely pays to plan ahead and make a decision to sacrifice instant gratification of something sweet, for a sweeter, more lasting reward of a healthy,strong body.

  5. Looks delish!

    I made a turkey meatball soup with white beans and turnip greens last night. Not only was it so yummy and clean, but my kids gobbled it up!

  6. Looks great Tosca!
    I'm not following cooler 1 perfectly either, just making a few tweaks for the holiday parties!
    I just wanted to let the first person who left a comment know that brown rice is included on the cooler 1 plan. It says (on page 102 of ECD expanded) that you can have one handful per day of cooked quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, millet or cream of wheat.
    C'mon, Tosca doesn't want us to go completely carb-less!
    Happy eating! :)

  7. where can I find the recipe for the kale and white bean soup? it looks delicious!


  8. wich protein would you recomend,there are so many brands out there.Iwould like to know wich one would be the best for me.thanks.


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