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Friday, December 4, 2009

Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge - Cooler 1 Fun!

There are just over 3 weeks remaining in the Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge!!

In support of all of our eager participants I will be starting Cooler 1 from the Eat-Clean Diet as my main nutrition plan for the next few weeks. It will be tough (especially with holiday parties popping up right, left, and center), but the payoff will be huge. This is especially true since my Body Makeover Challengers and I will be doing it together!!

If you are in need of a metabolism boost, a plateau breaker or a diet overhaul please join me in supporting our Sisters (and Brothers) In Iron as they push through the last few weeks of our challenge.

Not sure what the Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge is? Check it out here! You may be eligible to win big, including a spread in Oxygen magazine and a consult with me.

Happy Friday - Cooler 1 Here We Come!

p.s. Don't forget... Cooler 1 should only be followed for 2 weeks or less. It is not a maintainable long-term eating plan as recommended in the Eat-Clean Diet. It is only for prepping for contests, photo shoots, breaking plateaus, kick starting a diet plan, and the final push of challenges! Read more in the Eat-Clean Diet, and always check with your doctor before beginning any NEW diet or exercise plan.


  1. So, Tosca, you are going to do the Cooler 1 for 3 weeks? I'm in!


  2. I'm not clear. How long are you doing Cooler 1 for? Your instructions say no longer than 2 weeks.

  3. Where do you get the details on cooler 1?


    Please, please get your protein from vegan sources.

    The torture these animals go through is unreal.

  5. We have incisor teeth because we are meant to eat meat too!

  6. Sounds Great Tosca! Would LOVE to see your daily menus. Please post them on your blog. :) Thanks!

  7. Not all meat is derived from cruel methods. If you eat clean, you choose grass-fed, free range meat. Meat produced in this way IS humane.

  8. I woyld like to know where you get the info for this Cooler 1. I read here but don't see anything about it here.


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