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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WGN Chicago

Last week I taped a segment with WGN Chicago. My apologies for telling you it was airing that morning... I was wrong. It was being taped to air at a later date, which I don't have yet. I will tell you what it is as soon as I know.

It was a really fabulous experience in Chicago, as are all of my experiences in the Windy City. I can't believe Oprah is heading out! Guess I'll have to work extra hard this year to get on her show! Come on people... help me out!

I met a bunch of lovely people, too. Here they are in a few shots I had back stage before the taping. Mwah to everyone who makes these TV appearances go smoothly while still having an excellent time!!!

Thank you food stylist Jennie!! It's so nice knowing I don't have to bring all of my own cooking gear with me across the border and go grocery shopping the moment I arrive in a city. You were a gem and made my recipes look DELECTABLE!!

Here I am with producer Tyra and host Valerie... who knew we would be color coordinated! Looking cute ladies. Thanks for a great day!

Valerie and me looking very professional and pink at the WGN news desk. Sometimes I really like it when I don't have to wear fitness clothes on TV... especially my signature yellow jacket. It's nice to get dressed up!


  1. Next time you're in Chicago you should do some kind of reception or book signing! There are lots of us out here who'd love to shake your hand and get our careworn cookbooks signed! :)

  2. Oprah would be the ultimate exposure, I'll keep my fingers crossed. You're looking healthy and fit,as always!
    xo Ayla

  3. I will email her show and if they get enough request they will have you on. Lets get together and do it!!!!!!

  4. I'll e-mail also. We can do it! -Tammy

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