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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phat Camp 2009!

Well, Clean Eaters we have made it to the middle of the week. We're even nearing the end of October!!! Looking for a little motivation today? Check out the hard work I did on Friday, when I had the pleasure (and the pain) of attending Jenny Hendershott’s annual Toronto Phat Camp. Don’t know who Jen is? She is the multi-medalled, uber fitness star, talented physique competitor who possesses 2 Olympia titles and 2 Fitness International titles. She hosts a Toronto based Phat Camp here every fall – just when we need it most – and teaches us all a thing or two about fitness. I am honored to have participated in the last 4 camps as her special guest. It gives me a chance to meet her fans and to spread the word about Eating Clean in addition to getting my butt whooped in a little Jenny-Hendershott-style training. If you haven’t tried her camps you might want to – I don’t know anything better for busting through a plateau, getting your heart rate up and learning a few new tricks from the pro herself. Any Phat Campers out there? How did you like the event? I will let the accompanying photos tell the rest of my side of the story.

Keep it tight!

Jenny Hendershott and I at the 2009 Toronto Phat Camp.

Addressing the Campers (who have no idea how hard they are about to work).

Okay! Everybody go!! Time to work up a sweat!

Running with a taped calf. Don't worry, I was being careful not to overdo it.

Jen and I rooting on the campers. Cheerleading is very important you know! You can do it!

My friend Franca and I at Phat camp!

Jenny's fabulous assistants, Licia Dean and Heather Bear. Thanks for the flawless event!


  1. Yes i have had the pleasure ( and pain ) of attending Jen Sydney PHAT CAMP -with Licia Dean and Heather (wonder) Bear It was great Unfortunately Sydney wasnt in 2009 or on 2010 schedule so i seriously would consider teh toronto camp to catch u both ( also think Hawaii would be awesome ! if u havent been - do yourself a BIG Favor and get to a camp NOW

  2. I did the '07 TO Phat camp, and saw you there too Tosca!! (I was one of the pregnant ladies, lol)I Loved every minute of the whole weekend - it was a butt-kicking event. I plan to go again!!!

  3. I LOVE Phat Camp. I had the joy of attending the Phoenix AZ camp in January. It really was a butt-kicking event. I loved every minute of it, and met some great ladies.


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