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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coconut Oil

For those of you who caught the Extra segment or if you have picked up my new cookbook, you'll notice a new favorite of mine. It's coconut oil. This stuff is just fantastic!!

A few of you are wondering how to eat it. Here's some info:

You can eat a few tablespoons a day off the spoon or use it for cooking. It tastes wonderful and is heat stable so no free radicals are released in the heating process.

Look or a fair trade variety that is packaged in a dark container so the light does not get at it. Store in a cool dark place.

You can also use it to moisturize your skin and hair and apparently your private bits, too!

Delicious!! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I posted about how I like to use coconut oil/coconut butter:

    Love the stuff!! Thank you for your insight :)

  2. coconut oil is one of my faves!! make sure people know to get virgin coconut oil though, because they sell the refined stuff too and it can trick people!

  3. I use it as a skin moisturizer. Even on my face, but not when I will be in the sun. I burn badly enough as it is! lol :) Great post!

  4. I've been wanting to try it! I can't wait to pick up your new cookbook either!!! :)

  5. Hi Tosca -

    I know on the Extra segment you said you haven't been sick in over 10 years - is that including any minor cold? I find I have sinus issues 3x a year - do you think the Coconut oil helps? What supplements do you take to avoid any minor illnesses? Being sick a few times a year always throws me off my program, so if I can avoid anything, that would help so much!


  6. Thanks for the info on the coconut oil. I'm going to look for that.
    Even though I don't always post to you, I am however following your posts. Cheering you on as always.
    Have a great week!


  7. You should explain why coconut oil is better for health then most then the others oils including Olive oil.

    Here is a link that explain well why its a good product even though its high in saturated fat:

    Unfortunatly, I wish that I could find the clinical trial that give more info about the product but could not find it.



  8. You read my mind...I watched the segment on coconut oil and was wondering how best to take it. You are like the health/ fitness version of Oprah..the sales of coconut oil are going to go through the roof! haha :)

  9. Virgin coconut oil also makes an excellent hair moisturizer and conditioner. Simply add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to your hair, massage in, and let sit for at least 30 minutes. Studies found virgin coconut oil actually penetrates the hair shaft, increasing protein levels and reducing hair breakage.

  10. I have used coconut oil even when others was saying it was bad for you. Found out about it when I was in Thailand and the health benefits of it. That could be part of the reason that everyone says I look 10 years younger that what I am.

  11. are you just starting to see the benefits in coconut oil? i thought you said long ago to stay away because of the saturated fat?

  12. I love it on fish instead of olive oil. I just use a bit, since the flavor can be strong for some. Thanks for sharing the benefits to your skin and hair

  13. I'm so grateful you gave your bits on Coconut Oil... I've been using it for a short while now because it doesn't break down like olive oil when you cook with it... was worried it might be too high fat or something wrong... but if you give the green clean light, I'm a go! :)



  14. I have used this for years. I cook with it, use it on my toast like butter & use it for baking as well. You can fry your eggs in it too!

    I thought that if I were to use this that I would gain weight. But I can tell you with experience I have lost my post-pregnancy pounds over 35 of them and counting. And not to mention I really love the flavor. The one that I find tastes the best is from a company called Nutiva. It is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I buy it by the Gallon straight from the company direct and find that I save so much money too.

    I as well luv clean eating and use this as a part of my daily calorie intake.

  15. A Tbsp on this contains 12g of fat. I'm concered about adding 12-24 grams of fat to my diet and what I will have to take out in exchange to keep my percentage where it needs to be.

    I bought some on the recommendation of someone and used it with air popped popcorn. VERY tastey! Just worried about having too much fat.

  16. Just wanting to know about coconut milk. Some of your recipes call for it, but all I could find was stuff that was 25% fat. What is the "skinny" on this stuff.

  17. This is a few very helpful sites that I refer too when it comes to knowledge on EVOC (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil)
    I buy the Coconut Concentrate from Tropical Traditions because every other product that is coconut milk comes in a can and I am so against BPA. Their coconut concentrate is in a glass jar and you can sign up to receive specials on their products.

    I buy from Nutiva and they have a new RAW coconut oil that doesnt have the sweet taste that the others have and it is WONDERFUL.

  18. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it!!


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