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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank You Thank You

Wow! Thank you to everyone who responded to my wisdom teeth post yesterday. You're all gems.

Kelsey-Lynn is recovering well. She was actually eating Jell-o and mashed potatoes a few hours after the surgery. Last night I treated her to some unbelievably natural ice cream. I purchased it as a treat from the Hockley Valley Herb & Tea Company in Caledon East. I had a little bite of the vanilla. WOW!!! Better keep that buried in the freezer so I can forget about it!! I also whipped up some Chocolate Tofu Mousse from the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. She's also been having a lot of yogurt to keep the healthy bacteria around while she is on the antibiotics.

More than anything I wish I had taken a video of her while she was coming off the anesthetic. It was hilarious. She made no sense at all. She just kept on mumbling funny things and wanted to go shopping at Lululemon. Strange strange strange. 2 seconds later she fell into a very deep sleep with her tongue hanging out. It was pretty entertaining.

Last night we all gathered on the couch with her to watch movies and So You Think You Can Dance. It was a pretty quiet evening at the Eat-Clean household. If the weather would clear up we might be able to get outside... rain rain go away (although my veggie garden does look amazing because of it)!! This is Toronto's worst summer yet...



  1. SO glad that she's doing well!! Sounds like all is well in the household :-)

  2. I'm grateful for this rainy weather because I live in Toronto and with this garbage strike, can you imagine the smell if we were having hot temps?! ick.
    I love the fact that she wanted to go shopping at Lululemon! I feel some retail therapy will be in order once the chipmunk cheeks go down.
    Enjoy your weekend ladies!

  3. Send some rain down to Wisconsin, my mom's garden is thirsty.

  4. Germany's having a terrible summer as week of sunshine so far, the rest has been very green here at the moment.
    I cant wait for my summer in Cape Town...

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