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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picture Perfect Portland

Breathing a sigh of relief. Photoshoots are done for the day and I finally have a second to sit down and get in touch with my blog. As I mentioned yesterday, my family and I had a wonderful adventure in Portland. We were there partly for vaca and partly to move my daughter out of her place. Enjoy the photos of our family fun in the city with bumper stickers that say "Keep Portland Weird."

Here my girls are cleaning out their sister's apartment. It wasn't too messy, but we did need to pitch in here and there! I'm just glad my daughters know how to use a sponge to clean up after themselves. At least I taught them something.

Waiting in line at a Portland hot spot... Voodoo Doughnut. It's like the Magnolia Bakery of this quirky west coast town. I can't say I indulged, but my daughters tried out the Cookies & Creme variety. This is the tamest compared to the rest of the options including one with maple icing and a piece of bacon on top!!

Temps in the 90s drove us to the beach... Cannon Beach that is. The water was frigid so we only dipped our toes, but we did work on our tans (through sunscreen of course). It was great to get out of the city and see the Pacific coast. It was rugged and beautiful.

Me and my husband enjoying the scenery from Chanticleer Point along the Historic Columbia River Highway. The young ones were awed by the Columbia Gorge mainly because they had seen it in the Twilight movie.

Another scenic shot at Multnomah Falls. The waterfall route along the historic highway is truly beautiful. The air is crisp and clean, the sun is glorious, and the scenery is second to none. Wow!

After a nightmarish travel day on Friday we finally made it back into Canada. Here we are with Air Canada agent extraordinaire, Carol, who helped us stay sane and get back on track throughout the ordeal. Thanks Carol... you're a gem!! We made it back in one piece luggage and all.


  1. Tosca,
    Just you get 'reconized' when you come to the states, other than the Arnold weekend or other fitness related events?

  2. Cannon Beach is beautiful...did you enjoy the little shops they had there? I grew up near Cannon Beach.

  3. Glad to hear you are home safe Tosca. I ran with a gal this week who'd borowing my copies of your books and she's falling in love with the EC lifestyle. We talked about your books and your hubby's magazines the entire 2mile walk back from our run! Thanks for being such a great example!

  4. Tosca, so glad you enjoyed the northwest. I live just south of Portland and I still am awed with the beauty in the area! Come back soon!


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