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Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Another Graduation Day!!

Kelsey-Lynn's graduation ceremonies are never ending this year!! Not that I mind. She had her ballet school graduation a few weeks ago, prom #1 just after that, prom #2 last weekend, and now high school graduation! We will be driving to Belleville yet again today to celebrate one last time. I'm excited for my little one. She's been away at ballet school since she was 12 and only had 1 month off each year in the summer. She'll be home with me for 2 WHOLE MONTHS this summer before heading off to university in the fall. Is this when you start to feel old?? When all of your kids move out of the house? Sigh. Better keep on those weights! And thank goodness Chelsea will be with us for a few more years before going off to school. It would be a very quiet house without her. I need to hear Hannah Montana and High School Musical blasting through the house to keep me a little in touch with the times. Enough of the rant!

Have a wonderful Thursday.

I will post pics from the event soon!


  1. I wish you werent so on the go as I live in Belleville and would love to meet with you

  2. Well I am 47 my son is 11 and we live at the baseball field all summer long. I can't imagine when he heads off to college...I know what you mean about having young ones really does make you feel young. I love when all his shows are on the tv and watching ESPN with him. Sigh...I feel what you mean! Keep on lifting...thanks so much for bringing clean eating to my life. Before CE I was constantly starving and then bingeing...I even quit smoking! Thanks so much for your inspiration and sharing your life with us!

  3. Quick question. It seems like your hair grows so fast, any tricks? or just eating clean helps your hair grow faster?

  4. Tosca - review from last Sat's show - my favourite episode so far. I am totally in awe of your willpower and determination. I really felt your hunger pain and your nerves when you were about to approach the stage and the overwhelming emotional response during your break between the pre-judging and the evening show.
    You kick butt girlfriend!!!


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