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Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Baaaaackkk!

Well, it has been way too long since I have posted. I'm still in NYC, but I had a second to post some pics from my vaca. I'll post a few today and some more tomorrow. It was a much needed break with my mom, Tina, my husband, Robert, 2 of my kids (Chelsea and Kelsey) and 2 other their friends. Enjoy the picture show.

I will be getting to some Q & As relatively soon, but I have MEGA catching up to do. Vaca is great... until you get back and realize how behind you are. Such is life.

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  1. Glad you had sooooo much fun. Much, much deserved. Don't let all that good rest go to waste by over working. Take care!!!!


  2. Hi Tosca ! It's great to read you again, I have gotten used to doing it everyday and was missing it! Welcome back !

  3. Wonderful pictures! Welcome back.

  4. We missed you! So glad you were able to relax after the Arnold.

    Question about WHEATGRASS.
    When you list that you drank 6 oz. of wheatgrass, is that 6 oz. of water with one cube of wheatgrass or 6 oz. worth of wheatgrass cubes IN water? Do you have a hard time choking it down? I find it like drinking grass clippings in water. Did you always enjoy drinking it? Do you have any suggestions for kicking it back?

    It took me your whole vacation to catch up on all your blogs since the beginning. So glad to know you that much better.

  5. CHINS...

    Tosca, can you tell us how long it took you to be able to do your first chin? Did you gradually add a few more each workout? I have been trying to do just one after 6 months, and I still can't go all the way up.

  6. Welcome back Tosca!
    Great pictures!!


  7. Wow! All I can say is Va Va Va Voom!! You look amazing. I cannot believe you are almost 50. I missed reading your blogs as you continue to inspire me. So glad you had a nice vacation.


  8. Welcome back..more beautiful than ever ;)


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