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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pics from The VERY Busy Week

This is me with the host of the show I did on CTV, Leslie Gordon.

Here I am out and about in Chicago!

We visited the Art Institute of Chicago – loads of fun. We loved how Chicagoans dress for the cold. Complete with fur hats, earmuffs and plenty of warm layers. I know Canada is cold and we need to dress for the cold but the Chicagoans have it down to an art!

Here are some shots of the seminar in action. I always do an ice breaker with the audience where I get them to grab their butts and figure out what that backside feels like – hard, soft, flabby, cottage cheese-like – everyone has a good laugh and sometimes we get a picture of people squeezing each other’s butts!

The last pics are of me with Lori Neubauer who along with LoriKay Paden invited me to speak at this huge event run by IAPD – Illinois Area Parks and Recreation Department. The conference was attended by 3500 employees hand picked to join the event. The two Lori’s were sharply focused on having employees’ health and fitness addressed. Their motto was “No Employee Left Behind.” My job was to help people Clean Up their own lifestyle whether that was eating or training and then reflecting that back to the greater community. I learned a lot about how important it is to be the example! And make it easy for others to live their healthiest life.


  1. hi tosca, just wanted to say hello. whenever i try to get back on track with eating, i pretty much am just trying to 'eat clean'. i had heard about your book and was looking for something to read to just reinforce what i already know makes me feel good. I picked up your books last night and have devoured them! i'll be checking in on your blog and write with any questions. thanks for being so available!

  2. Hi Tosca,

    Is there a link for all of us to watch your CTV appearance? I am in the US and was not able to tune in. :(


  3. Love your pictures!! Maybe next time you're in Chicago you'll be a guest on Oprah.....wouldn't that be great?! I think we need a little Canadian influence.


  4. Thanks for taking time to answer questions. You look great ~ would love for you to come to the Philadephia/NJ area (Phila has a great art museum)for a seminar.

  5. I think you should ditch the cold weather and make an appearance in sunny Texas!

  6. Pllleeeessseee have Your poeple call Oprah people and get there fast. You he great "mementum"???!!!'cause I see you and read you everywhere now. Please go to Oprah so you can bring Clean Eating to the masses.
    GREAT JOB by the way. You look fantastic and you have an aura of pure energy and health around you.
    Everytime I see you in pictures or TV, i say to myself, wow that's a healthy person. Keep it up Tosca.

  7. ..and you're always welcome to Norway!

  8. Looking stylish Tosca. I love your outfits.


  9. Hi Tosca,

    I wanted to see you at Queen's University this Saturday. What time are you going to be there and what room?


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