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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Holidays are Here

And I am falling behind on my posts.... sorry Clean Eaters... I have included some pics to hopefully make up for it ;-)

There is breakfast, lunch and supper and some ingredients for snacks -
roasted beets, turkey and eggs.

Of course I am drinking plenty of water with each of these meals.

I have been trying to chase a cold - Bob has had a nasty one for the last
ten days and I don't want it!!! In an effort to fight it I have been
doubling my vitamin C intake - I take an Ester C vitamin C which is better
absorbed. I am also taking loads of fish oil supplements!! And I am still
drinking my wheat grass every morning. On top of that I have been going to
bed very early - usually asleep by 10:00 pm even during this ridiculously
busy time of year. I just don't want to catch whatever Bob has got.

As for training I spent all of Sunday filming at Xtreme Couture Fitness
which is a beautiful new gym in Toronto. The filming was all about me
helping a family get fit and how to tackle the equipment. It can be very
intimidating to train when you don't know what to do with the machines. We
did an entire body workout - 2 sets for each body part. I was wiped out
after the session - I hope my victims, Kelly and Craig, were too. We had a
good old sweat on by the time we were done. All the while a winter storm
raged outside! Driving home was not so much fun. I would rather train!!

Yesterday I trained legs with Bob. I love leg day. We did leg curls, leg
extensions and squats followed by straight arm pullovers. We do 4 or 5 sets
of each exercise and 12 to 15 reps per set. I am thinking ahead to an
upcoming photo shoot in January 2009 for my next book and even as far ahead
as the Arnold Classic where I need to be in super good shape. It is the
place to be seen if you are in the fitness business.

Things have settled down with me hormonally although I am still waiting for
my skin to clear up. Yikes!! I don't like blemishes.

Today I am planning to work from home and do a lot of my food preparation
for Christmas dinner. I am making roasted butternut squash soup from my Eat
Clean Diet Cookbook
, baking cookies (healthy naturally), applesauce and sour
cream coffee cake. My mom and Chelsea are going to help me out in the
kitchen. I will miss my own daughters who are at their father's for now.
They love to be in the kitchen! Guess we will have to do some more cooking
when they finally come to celebrate on Dec. 25th. I can't wait. I really
miss them. It can be a tough time of year when you are divorced and must
learn to share nicely (though my heart really doesn't want to).

I will post some fun cooking shots tomorrow.

Stay warm and hug someone who needs it!


p.s. I am really behind on answering questions, too... stay tuned I will answer them soon!


  1. Have fun cooking today as we are yet to get another storm later today. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Tosca, can we get the recipe for your coffee cake. I have been struggling with what to make for xmas morning and than sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tosca, can we get the recipe for your coffee cake. I have been struggling with what to make for xmas morning and than sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Merry Christmas Tosca and all the other clean eaters!!!!


    Hope your cold is gone soon and that you have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

  6. Tosca, I hope you can divert that cold. Love the pics. :)
    I'm also a divorced parent, remarried with no children from this marriage. My son who is 16 flies to his dads in Thunder Bay tomorrow. Christmas just isn't the same without your kids, so I feel your pain when you write.

    Have a great holiday. Be healthy and happy because without those things it's kind of downhill. :)


  7. Sorry to hear about the sickie at home. Hope he feels better soon. Have a great holiday!!

  8. Don't forget to take vitamin helps to absorb the vitamin C.

    Thanks for the photos-your food always looks better than mine! :)

    Can't wait to see you at the Arnold! I've been going for the past 12-13 years!! I am planning on going if it works around my schooling (going back to be a nurse).
    Take care and Merry Christmas!!
    Jennifer W.

  9. Take some Tosca time girl, don't worry about us we know you will catch up! Thanks for posting all the amazing photos of your colourfood food, it reminds me how I need to up my veggie intake!! Love Bob's paintings, wow he is talented in many ways just as yourself! Glad your girls will be home, have a wonderful holiday :)

  10. OH! And I wanted to thank you because its been 1 whole year since I had any kind of sore throat, etc...I even fought off the beginning of an INTENSE ear infection with no meds thanks to clean eating and cod liver oil (etc) so you can do the same !

  11. Thanks for posting pictures! I appreciate the visual :-)

    The omelet looks delicious.

    Monica in San Diego.


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