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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Shoot Day

Hey Everybody,

It's Tuesday... I leave for Vegas tomorrow, and Day 1 of Bikini America is Friday!!! That's a mere 3 days away!! We are getting sooooo close. I started packing my suitcase as you can see here.

The contest is being broadcast on a number of TV stations (as mentioned on the Fitness America site), but you also have the option of ordering a live webcast of the event if those channels are not available to you. Click here for more info.

My message board is up on my personal site: take a minute to email in your own personal message to have posted on the site. I need all the support I can get.

Today I am at an Oxygen cover shoot with the fabulous Paul Buceta. I am thrilled to be back in the studio while I am in competition shape, BUT I am also on DAY 2 of carb depleting, which means I will get tired REALLY easily. Photo shoots are exhausting without carb depletion.

What's carb depleting you ask? It's one of the final stages of competition prep. I literally eat no carbs for 2 days. Yes, there is a relative degree of insanity involved in competition.

Here's what my meals look like:

I eat a small meal of protein seven time a day. So about every three hours I eat 5 ounces of tilapia (this is the leanest, lowest sodium potein option). I paired this delicious fish with distilled water, which is important for sodium depletion.

I am also in the final stages of training.

Here's what Monday's session looked like:

LEG DAY – the last one before the contest!

Hamstring curls: 1 Set of 35 pound curls then 3 sets with 55 pounds and 15 reps each set
Leg Extensions: 1 set with 100 pounds for 12 reps, 1 set with 120 pounds for 12 reps, 1 set with 130 pounds for 12 reps and last set with 150 pounds and 12 reps
Squats: I use an Olymic bar and a weight belt. 1st set 40 pounds plus the bar for 15 reps to warm up; next set is 60 pounds plus the bar for 12 reps; third set is 120 pounds plus the bar for 10 reps and the last set is 130 pounds plus the bar for 8 reps.
After each set of squats I do a set of Straight Arm Pullovers with the 10 pound dumbbells – 15 reps per set.

I also did 2 35-minute cardio sessions on the treadmill at a steady pace (no intervals!).
Here's what today's training will be:
I won’t do a cardio session as a result of the shoot. It will take too much out of me.
But we will do a weight session, which I will update you on tomorrow.


  1. Tosca, I viewed the sites you placed in the blog today. Inspiring!! Being 46 and in shape myself I think you will understand this comment. YOU WILL RADIATE AND GLOW ON STAGE WITH INNER BEAUTY (strength,confidence and grace) THAT CAN ONLY COME TO US THROUGH LIFE EXPERIENCES. Age is a powerful tool when we have lived a healthy lifestyle. I think you will blow them away! They won't know what hit them!!! On another note I have been following your suggestion about cooler one to lose the extra ab flab. 4 days in to it I am seeing some results! I was not active in my youth and have always carried extra flab. I have been weight lifting for 23 years. I am a nutritionist and have had very good eating habits my adult life and following eating clean for almost 2 years . You have helped me a lot. I think a lot of my ab flab is thick skin. Do you think it will it go away? I know you are busy and if you can't reply right away I will understand. One other ques. I have been turning over a new leaf and cutting back on workouts and trying to be more efficient and give my self recoop time. How do you get the routines in your workout book done in less than an hour. Do I need to give myself 1 minute rest in between leg work or just wait for my heart rate to go down to what? I have a tendency to over due ( not get injured, just sore muscle.). I know this is sort of a personal (specific to me) message but I think others may benefit from your response as well You will ROCK!!!!!!!!!! HUGS, SUE

  2. Tosca, This is it, the final countdown!! Great job at hanging in there and motivating your followers. I wish you all the very best and will be tuning in to see the woman who inspires me so much on a daily basis. You rock, girlfriend!!
    I love what the previous poster said about life experiences and inner beauty. You certainly do show that off well.

    Helen (Molly229)

  3. Hey Tosca! I really admire ur discipline. I have a little question.I´m a sports student and have a whole lot of training every week, but Monday it´s really crazy, cause I have 2hrs track and field and 1.5hrs gymnastics in the evening. I fall asleep like a baby afterwards but in the middle of the night I feel my muscles so much, that it keeps me awake. Do u know any tricks, that would help me and my muscles through the night?
    As been a little longer question. Ugh.
    Well, I wish u best of luck for ur competition.

  4. A few more ques. You have a lot going on right now so whenever you find the time to get back to me is fine. What cooler can beans and legumes fit in? Can I include them in cooler one? I know there is some fat in them. Is the goal to not have even the good fats in cooler one? What about CLA, Flax and Fish oil supplements during my Cooler One time? Can i eat any other vegies than what you list in cooler one if I am trying to shed that stubborn belly fat. And would it ruin my efforts it if I added a dash of soy milk to my coffee? Strange but I feel I have a ton more energy using cooler one. I think I may have slight allergies to dairy and wheat (as so many of us do). Maybe that is why. Have fun!!! SUE


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