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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out and Vote America...

It's a big day for our American Clean Eaters. Election Day '08 has arrived. I encourage you all to exercise your adult right to get out and vote!!

Just like a little goes a long way when Eating Clean, a little goes a long way when voting, too.

Now onto the not-so-exciting things. My eating and training for yesterday.

By the way, I bake or grill my chicken at the moment. I will only boil my chicken carcasses if I am making soup stock, or at the end of my competition training when I boil my chicken in distilled water because I am depleting as much sodium as possible.

Before Breakfast:
A bunch of beautiful bananas accosted me in the kitchen and I must confess I had half of a banana. It was divine!
I chased it down with my usual green goo – 250 ml water and 9 ounces wheat grass
Then one cup of black coffee.

Morning Training:
And on to the treadmill for a steady run for 35 minutes.

Breakfast: It was nice to have Kelsey home with us for breakfast this morning...
½ cup oatmeal plus 2T each bee pollen, wheat germ and flaxseed
5 scrambled egg whites + one yolk
250 ml water
5 fish oil supplement capsules

Mid Am:
I drove Kelsey back to Belleville with 6 tutus in the car. I packed a cooler of food for both of us.
For the mid morning break I had roasted chicken with steamed green beans and water.
Kelsey had a whole grain wrap with roasted chicken and steamed green beans. She also had some raw sweet carrots.

Lunch Time:
I had dropped Kelsey off at the ballet school by this time with more wraps, chicken and vegetables.
I in the meantime had 6 scrambled egg whites
½ cucumber

Mid Pm:
On the way home I picked up a black coffee (sort of... I am missing my lattes) and enjoyed (if it's possible) some more scrambled egg whites (ugh!!)
Other half of cucumber

Back at home I made a nice dinner of steamed spinach, tilapia and broccoli.
Wow! So simple but so good. I was huuuunnnnggry.

Evening Training:
Traps: 3 sets heavy shrugs
Pre-exhaust chest with alternating sets of cable cross overs and bench press. We did four sets heavy and I went to failure on the last set of bench press.
Abs: 3 sets reverse crunches 20 reps per set, Captains’ chair leg raise with legs straight out, 3 sets of 20 reps each, last set 35 reps

Before Bed:
A cal/mag drink with MSM and glutamine in it.

That's it, that's all... NOW GO VOTE!


  1. Good morning Tosca!

    Waiting for your notes everyday is like a little kid on Christmas morning! You're too rock!


  2. lol I agree with the previous poster. I love reading your blogs to see where you are at physically, mentally and emotionally. You are going to blow them away in Las Vegas.


  3. Tosca
    I love reading about what you are eating to get ready for competition. I am trying to strip the fat myself and its not easy! I've been eating clean for 6 months and dropped 20 lbs and have another 20 to go. I am an PT/athlete and yes, we can be fat too. I can maintain easily on clean eating without paying attention to portion size, but to get lean, it really helps to see what you are doing and keep me motivated!

  4. well,tosca
    I was wondering by following the cooler 1 option how much weight would you suspect could be lost in two weeks,I know everyone is so different but just an average.
    Keep the blogs coming i read everyday,Thanks So Much

  5. Tosca, all I can say is that you are so awesome! Keep it up--you are an inspiration to us all!

  6. Tosca,
    I went into a store looking for something that would inspire me to lose weight and I saw your book. I glanced through it and thought I would give it a chance. You see, I have been really down lately. I am a mother of three and I work an odd shift. I work 7 days straight on the night shift and then I'm off for 7 days. So routine is very hard for me. I feel like I'm doing things for everyone else but me. I have gained alot of weight. My norm is about 140 and I now weigh 192. Trust me, I want to change but I feel like I don't know where to start?!! Do you have any ideas on what kind of eating schedule I can do on the night shift? Sorry for all of this at once but I really wanted to get your advice on this. Thanks alot for this blog. I believe this is what I need.

  7. Tosca you're awesome! I come in to work everyday and check your blog. You make it all seem so easy (and really it is)! I noticed that you have a couple appearances scheduled for '09 already...any chance you will make it to the Philadelphia area sometime?
    Keep on keeping on!!


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