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Friday, November 7, 2008


Hey everybody,

I am 2 weeks out from my big Las Vegas competition. IT'S GO TIME FOLKS!! That means I will really be buckling down and focusing on the finish line. I am thrilled to be receiving your support throughout this time.

Keep it coming because the next few weeks will be TOUGH!!!

To those of you who are new to the blog, WELCOME... and, yes, I am training for a competition right now, which is why my eating has been so restrictive. Read the email response below if you have more questions on the competitive lifestyle.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but here's what I've got for you today:

I've received another great commenter question and have posted it below along with an answer. Again, remember, if you have a personal matter you would like guidance on please pass it along to

Christine Asks:

Tosca, I recently purchased your clean diet and work out book and am just getting started. I love the website and read your blogs for inspiration. My question is what are your meals and workouts like when you are not getting ready for competition. I have no intention of competing and these seem so strict and unattainable.

My Response:

Admittedly the competition food posted on my blog seems extreme particularly for those of you uninterested in competing. Let me state that when anyone is doing anything at the competitive level cutting corners is not an option. It would be unthinkable for Lance Armstrong to show up at the Tour de France without having trained his little tush off and eaten high performance foods to fuel himself through the endurance rides he performs. Similarly Michael Phelps or Darre Torres would not have prepared themselves in every way possible for their Olympic victories. Competing in the figure arena demands the same kind of attention to detail since the only thing being judged is the body. Since competing in figure demands that you stand on stage before a panel of judges in a very small suit it makes sense that the body must be in its leanest, most glorious form otherwise you just wouldn’t get on the stage and put yourself through the scrutiny. This is why competitive eating is so very, very controlled and lean. The food is of the highest quality – I still eat lean protein, loads of veggies, oats and healthy fats – but certain foods are known to contribute to building the tightest physique while others are not. I still eat plenty, just differently. In fact up until the most difficult part of the contest prep which is the final two weeks, I feel at my most vital. I am energetic, strong, able bodied and able minded. The dedication and structure of the rigorous training and eating is something upon which I thrive. I choose to do this and I want to be a positive example.

Off season eating just means I get to eat more fruit, dairy and foods like natural nut butters and whole grain breads. I miss these foods now but I know they will still be there for me on the other side of my contest date.

As for training I never regard it as a punishment. When I enter the gym, wherever it is, I feel a thrill because I know that what I am about to put my body through is for my benefit. I am not hurting myself. Instead I am building strength and fighting the aging process. Training also does incredible things for the mind. It is good to push yourself both physically and mentally – this is when I feel most alive. So I urge you all to accept training as a invitation to rebuild or continue to build the very best version of yourself. Contest training just involves training more frequently and lifting heavier. I love it!! And I will never quit.

I hope this helps you understand more fully why some of us put ourselves through this.


Pre Breakfast:
Before my half hour run I had 250 ml hot water with lemon juice and 250 ml water with 9 ounces wheat grass

Breakfast doesn’t vary much these days so I had my usual helping of ¼ cup cooked oats with 2 T each Salba, wheat germ, flaxseed and bee pollen.
Then I chased that down with 5 hard boiled egg whites + one yolk
1 black coffee
5 fish oil supplements
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex

Mid Morning:
Juiced veggies: 4 radishes, 2 bunches baby bok choy, 4 celery stalks plus leaves, 5 Brussels sprouts, 1 cuke, 1 carrot and one head endive
I drank 8 ounces of this and had 4 egg whites for protein.

Grilled tilapia, ½ cup steamed green beans and ½ cup steamed broccoli
2 water
Herbal detox blend tea from Hockley Valley

Mid PM:
Another 8 ounces of the juice I made in the morning plus 5 ounces of tilapia
Herbal detox tea

5 ounces grilled chicken breast
1 cup steamed asparagus
½ cup steamed broccoli

Up and down the rack presses to failure
Lateral raise: 4 sets bent over and 3 sets standing

6 sets lat pulldowns, 4 sets pulldowns wide grip and 2 sets behind neck
2 sets Seated row

Before Bed:
4 egg whites


250 ml hot water with juice of one lemon
250 ml water with 9 ounces wheat grass

¼ cup cooked oats with 2 T each Salba, wheat germ, flaxseed and bee pollen
Black coffee
5 hard boiled eggwhites + one yolk
Fish capsules
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex

Mid Am:
2 celery sticks
5 ounces water packed tuna
1 small tomato

2 cups spinach leaves with chopped salad vegetables and 2 T pumpkin seed oil dressing, sunflower seeds and 2 T apple cider vinegar
Grilled chicken breast on top
Herbal detox tea

Mid PM:
Juiced veggies: 4 radishes, I bunch endive, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 4 celery stalks
Water packed tuna

Turkey, tomato and edamame scramble

Rest day!


  1. It's getting close now! Thanks so much for posting the Q&A! Keep your eye on the finish line it's not long now.

    I live here in Las Vegas (well Boulder City actually). Take the city by storm!

  2. Tosca - when you are re-introducing yourself back into your "normal" clean eating, do you have to do so in any particular way? I would think your body would be in shock by the changes, what with the training and the food restrictions. Are you being monitored by a physician or I should ask in a more general way, for those who partake in competitions, do they not only have a trainer but also a physician on hand?
    I know a little about competition from watching my personal trainer who is a champion and I was concerned with the process of watching him get cut and in such a short period of time...

  3. Are we going to get any pre-competition pictures like the last one? I am dying to see your progress :)

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  4. Tosca,

    I'm a vegetarian. Can you give me few ideas regarding the lean protein. I'm planning to do cooler 1 plan for a week.

    Thanks and good luck for your competition. You are my hero.

  5. Go, Tosca, Go!!!!! You can do it girl!!!

  6. Hi Tosca,
    You make training look so easy! Good for you. I'll be checking in and wishing you the best over the next 2 tough weeks! TO

  7. You can do it girl!!! Such and inspiration and I love to see you work in some egg yolks, I was thinking about that the other day and will now give it a try. Your doing amazing, keep going!!! xox

  8. Very important question....Will I be able to get your upcoming TV series in New Jersey? I think the W network is sxclusive to Canada, right?

  9. I don't know about Torres but I've read several articles about Michael Phelps and his food habits. That guy is on the road for heart disease. He eats lots of calories but very few of them are from quality foods.

  10. could you please answer the question on what to eat on the night shift? YOu ae great and give us older women the great get up on go. I read you every day, because you are my age and so real to society. thank you for being their for all of us!!!!!!!!!

  11. you're such an amazing athlete!! i'd love to see your progress so far! i was also wondering, when you're done your competition could you give us all an idea of a day of normal eating for you? thanks!!


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