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Monday, October 6, 2008

Your Questions Answered

Hello ECD Bloggers,
I have been collecting some questions from the comments section and have some answers for you:

Question: What type of nails do I have?
Answer: I use seaweed protein sculpted gel nails. My real, healthy nail is underneath. The seaweed coating simply acts as a strengthening and protecting barrier so my nails look tidy all the time.

Question: What bee pollen brand do I use?
Answer: I like to support local business so I get it from a farm here in Caledon, Ontario. You can also find great bee pollen options online or in the health food store.

Question: Is there a quick yogurt cheese?
Answer: This is a tough one. There are some places that sell strained yogurt, but it is hard to come by. It is a matter of thinking ahead and always having it on hand. I usually by an extra yogurt during my grocery shopping and pop it in the strainer as soon as I get home. It will keep for a week and I can use it in so many things... dips, dressings, frostings, sauces, etc.

Question: Is there a winners list for the WBFF show I competed in?
Answer: There should be a list coming soon to the WBFF website. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to come up, so be patient. Here is the link:

Question: What tanning lotion do I use?
Answer: I use Jan Tana Competition Tan and Bronz 'n Glo spray tanning system.

Question: What is a ballpark cost of competing?
Answer: You can go all out or keep it within a budget. Here are some things you will have to pay for: Registration can cost up to $400 depending on the show. You will need 2 pairs of shoes, which can cost up to $100 each. A large cost is the suit. You can splurge on a $5000 bejeweled costume, or keep it modest with a $100 suit. You will usually need a couple of outfits: sportswear, bikini, one piece, etc. If you are not planning on competing on a regular basis I would not recommend splurging on a suit. Your travel and accommodation costs can vary depending on your location. Finally food and training also add cost, but may not be too much more than you already spend on a clean eating and exercise routine.

Question: What body fat percentage did I drop down to for this show?
Answer: I dropped down to 8% body fat and a weight of 138 pounds for this competition. I usually am at 10% body fat and 12 pounds heavier in the off season. For this next show I would like to shave off a few more pounds.

Question: How do I eat my salba?
Answer: I eat the entire seed. It does not need to be cracked. Since I would rather eat my nutrients I usually avoid taking the pill form. However, if this is the only way you can get it down then take advantage of this option.

Question: What are sodium depleting and drying out?
Answer: They mean the same thing. About 4 days before the competition you take sodium tablets to shed water from the body (also called drying out). You also drink distilled water to assist the process. This leaves the skin very tight around the muscles giving you the ripped appearance. This can be very dangerous. Do not take diuretics while doing this. Instead eat a lot of asparagus and keep your mouth wet rather than drinking a full glass of water.


  1. Those are great answers to the questions. I love that you do this in a blog. There are so many things we, as readers, think of and it's nice of you to take the time to answer.


  2. Hi,I've been thin n fit my whole life,but aftre having had my last baby via c-section at 39 6 months ago,my abs won't go flat and I got visible cellulite on the back of my legs,even if I lost practically all the weight I wanted back.I go to the gym 3 times a week,had a program done by a personal trainer and am taking a core class twice a week.I want to get my figure back,my 6-pack and tone everywhere!!What else can I do? Thanx


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