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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Pics and Food Too

My Monday in review:


I think they are going to drown me sometimes... but I love getting them all the same. There is always a question I never would have thought to address, and a perspective I had never taken before. It's a constant learning process.

My next adventure is also upgrading my computer. My daughters have all ventured into the world of Macbooks and I think my time is coming especially with the new Macbooks up and running. Don't they look sharp!

Remember, tomorrow I will be answering blogger questions so if you have left a comment and I haven't responded yet it's because I am doing a mass response tomorrow.

So here are my eating and training logs for Monday and a few photos I have to share with you:
AM Training:
Early morning cardio session for 35 minutes with HIITs, sprints, walking on a full incline and singing when I could.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk because of the DOM’s in my legs after Jenn's Phat Camp, but an Epsom salts bath on Sunday night has helped a lot. I can walk!! I can run!!

Before Breakfast:
250 ml water with lemon juice – food for cleaning out kidneys
250 ml water with 9 ounces of wheat grass – for maintaining a healthy pH balance
6 ounce glass of juiced raw vegetables

½ cup cooked Red River Cereal with 2 T each flax seed, Salba and bee pollen
5 egg whites boiled + one yolk
1 black coffee
5 fish oil supplement capsules
2 T rice bran oil – Right down the hatch! Gross! But I do it for the nutrients and the healthy fats. Competition training is soooo rigorous I have to be sure to get these nutrients in me somehow... otherwise, and it's happened before, I'll become nutrient depleted and very sick!

Mid AM:
4 egg whites
Handful unsalted cashews
Herbal body cleansing tea
10 steamed green beans and 3 steamed Brussels sprouts

2 cups spinach leaves, ½ cup alfalfa sprouts, chopped carrot and 1/3 cup chopped yellow pepper dressed with 2 T pumpkin oil and 2 T white balsamic vinegar and 2 T flax seed
1 liter water
Mid PM:
1 apple
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter mixed with ground flax seed
Herbal cleansing tea made by Hockley Valley Tea Company

I simmered some chicken stock on the stove, and made homemade chicken soup for Robert and Chelsea. I had chicken breasts with asparagus and a very small piece of sweet potato.

We are working on trimming away some of the thin coating of fat that sits on my middle by my obliques... oh the joys of being almost 50. We don’t train the obliques directly but we do the cardio and dieting and core strengthening exercises to help tighten up that area.

PM Training:
Biceps: up and down the rack doing Hammer curls, starting at 10 pound dumbbells and going up to 25 pound dumbbells; concentration curls with 15 pound dumbbell for 3 sets each arm
Triceps: triceps dips between benches for 3 sets doing 12, 15 and 18 reps each set; triceps pressdowns with 70, 80, 90 and back to 70 pounds doing 15 reps per set but last set was 25 reps to really pump the tri’s
Abs: 3 sets crunches on the fit ball; 3 sets reverse crunches on flat bench; ab isolation exercises
Posing practice – 15 minutes

Before Bed/Post Training:
Chamomile tea
Glutamine drink
Grilled chicken breast


  1. I had to smile at the comment "oh the joys of being almost 50". I am dreaming of looking like you do at 50. You truly do look amazing.

    I love reading your training routine. Truly inspiring and motivating for me.

    Today I thought of you at lunch when I really wanted a piece of cake after I'd eaten my clean lunch. Instead I had 3 melba toast.

    I hope you know how much you inspire me on a daily basis to be healthy and well.

    Love the pic of the dogs. A black lab and golden lab? Beautiful. We have a golden retriever that we adore.

    Take care and keep pumping that iron!

    (Helen) Molly229

  2. What ab isolation exercises are you doing?

  3. Hi Tosca,
    I had my leg day just about the same time you I couldn't walk at all, glutes, hams, hurt just to sit on the lu! Thought I'd try the epson helped!!...I can walk today!

    Does the epson salt take away the lactic acid build up or does it do something else? Really interested to know?

    Luv ya

  4. I LOVE my MacBook Air - your daughters made good choices with the computers, for sure!!

  5. Tosca, you have inspired me to live an eat clean lifestyle since June 2007. I love your blog and have started my own-with shout outs to you of course!! Here's the link:

    Thank you for all your motivation and sharing your knowledge!

  6. You are so amazing. There is even a Cafemom group about you!


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