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Monday, October 20, 2008

Lazy Sundays

Good Monday Morning to you all!

I have Sunday's food and training post below.

2/3 cup cooked oatmeal with ¼ cup wheat germ, 2 T bee pollen, 2 T flaxseed
5 scrambled egg whites with tomato
250 ml water with lemon juice
250 ml water with wheat grass
5 fish oil supplement capsules
1 cup black coffee

Mid Am:
4 scrambled egg whites with tomato and spinach
Chamomile tea
Cal/Mag supplement

Chest – Hammer Strength Chest Press 4 sets, heavy + 4 sets cable cross overs, heavy
8 Chins to mobilize scapula

Calves – 5 sets standing calf raise, heavy + mobilizing calf muscles stretches + 3 sets seated calf raise, heavy

Glutes – prone hip raises with a 45 pound plate on my stomach, three sets of 20 full range raises, 20 pulses and 20 full range raises in each set, no rest

Adductors – 3 sets moderately heavy

After workout:
250 ml water with pure glutamine and Cal/Mag supplement
6 ounces water packed tuna dressed with pumpkin oil and apple cider vinegar, with celery and carrot sticks
Green tea

½ sweet potato cut lengthwise and filled with chopped grilled chicken, topped with tomato, basil salsa (my own homemade)
250 ml water
Chamomile tea

Mid PM:
Handful unsalted almonds
1 small apple
Spinach, sprouts and radishes pureed into 250 ml water

Tilapia with brown rice and steamed swiss chard
500 ml water
2 T rice bran oil
Herbal tea

Before bed:


  1. Good morning!!! :0)

    Oooh, homemade basil salsa?? Would you be willing to share the recipe??

  2. Hey Tosca,
    Just wanted to say thank you for posting more detail about your workouts! I don't post often, but I read every day. Thank you too for the motivation!


  3. Wow Tosca, way to go, I am glad to know these eats are for contest prep, becuase I think sprouts, spinac and radishes pureed in water sound UN Yummy!! :)

  4. Love your haircut ... very cute!


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