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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tosca competed! She did it again!

Well here they are! The pictures to show that I got up there and did it again! I placed third in the Masters category. Now I want you to remember something. I had only 6 weeks to get ready. This is not really enough time to prepare adequately for a contest. So going forward for the next contest which is November 22nd, I will be focussing on developing more cuts in my physique and building my shoulders so I can create a wider V-taper. I have a blocky waist so any extra width I can get up there is beneficial to my overall look. Also, just so you know, I was the oldest competitor in my category by ten years.
The day was long and exciting. There were highs and lows. The high was placing third and the next best high was the mouthful of red wine I shared with my fellow competitors back stage. My gal pal and makeup artist Franca was a gem because she took care of me all day. My face and hair looked great thanks to her. Berns did a wonderful job of my suits - all blinged out I was!!!
Can't wait to do it again in eight weeks. I promise to work hard and come in tighter next time.
All my thanks to you for supporting me through this contest.
Stick with me for round 2.
Love and hugs,


  1. STUNNING Tosca, congrats!!! xo

  2. HOT STUFF!!! congratulations, you rock sista! hugs & cheers... jo

  3. You are the best - and tonight you showed them! CONGRATS!!!
    And thanks for posting the pics - I've been thinking of you all day!

    (Please, be careful with your diet/health if you are going on again in November - take care!)

  4. Congratulations on a job well done! What an accomplishment.

  5. beautiful!! i'm so happy for you. i'll be rooting for round 2!! what an inspiration! thank-you!!

  6. beautiful!! i'm so happy for you. i'll be rooting for round 2!! what an inspiration! thank-you!!

  7. You go girl! You really are an inspiration to many of us out there!!!

  8. Fantastic. It must have been worth it if you're ready to do it again in a few weeks.

  9. OMG you are stunning! Love the suit the hair, the make up, everything. YOU pulled it all off!

    HUGE congratulations Tosca and best of luck for the next one. It is so great to be able to follow your ups and downs so thanks for writing and taking us along.

  10. Tosca, you look absolutely AMAZING...and in only 6 weeks. I can't imagine what you'll look like for your next competition. Good luck, I'll be following your progress!


  11. wow! Tosca. Congratulations. I am so excited to watch your progress. The motivation you inspire into each and every one of us is incredible. Great job!!

  12. Way to go. You looked fabulous and not a day older than the other competitors.

  13. Wow!! Tosca.
    You look amazing!!


  14. Tosca, you look amazing and very proud of yourself. What a wonderful feeling. Looking forward to reading your blog as you prepare for your next competition.

    Best of luck.

  15. YAY Tosca!!!


  16. You look awesome as usual! I can't wait to see how great you'll look in eight weeks. I hope to look as good as you in the near future. Thanks for being such a role model. Good luck at the next contest!


  17. I agree, STUNNING!! You look great, hair and makeup look perfect I LOVE THE SUIT and your body is awsome!! Your calves turned out great as well...still cant beleive how nice of a buttocks you have dear Tosca haha.

    Wow, again...I didnt know you were doing two! You're un-stopable :) Enjoy yourself and keep us all posted!!

    What do you feel like now that you've finished in terms of hunger? Energy? Etc.

    XOX Jenna

  18. Thanks for taking us all on your journey, Tosca! You are such an inspiration!
    ~Sara (hotmom2b)

  19. Tosca! WOW! 3rd! That is incredible! you looked beautiful! cannot wait to see how much better and more cut (is it possible?) that you will look in 8 weeks! I'm with you all the way!!!!! way to go!

    happy hugs and high fives,
    San Jose, CA

  20. I'm thinking about competing and was wondering what are the major costs? Could you give me a ball park? And how did you sodium deplete? If I do compete, let's hope it's not against you!!! "Ab"solutely amazing!! You looked fantabulous!

  21. Way to go Tosca. Keep up the good work...don't wear yourself out looked beautiful!

  22. Tosca I am so pumped to hopefully be seeing you again! I want to be there! I love the pics you posted, but they really don't do you the justice you deserve! I was in the audience and you looked heavenly. When I first walked in and saw you standing with your man, I was all OMG! That's Freakin' Tosca! LOL I didn't have the guts to come over and say hello, but maybe next time! GIRL YOU ARE TOO HOT!

  23. Absolutely FANTASTIC girl. Fabulous job and congrats to you. You look beautiful and I just love your suit. Keep up the great job.

  24. Congratulations :) You look awesome!


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