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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three Days to Contest! Still here!

Hi Everyone!

Finally got some photos for your inspection. Remember some important details about these shots:
1. I am not "dried out" yet but will be by Saturday.
2. I have no color yet. I will start the painting process Thursday night. Color makes a BIG difference!
3. I am not wearing my contest suit - that is going to be a surprise.

Okay now that we have those things out of the way I can talk to you about how I am doing. I ate carbs for the first time at 1:00pm today. They were the first carbs I have eaten since 2:00 pm Monday. I feel 1000x better. This morning I did my cardio and I honestly felt as if my legs were made of concrete. No matter what I did I could not drum up enough energy to really sprint out.

Okay, no more complaining. We are on the way. Something really exciting is happening. People are sending me notes of encouragement. Thank you everyone! Please send as many notes of encouragement as you want! I accept love at any time.

Enough talk, here come the pictures......

This is my side shot. Color is still to come.

Front shot with a camera man behind me. He looks great!

And finally, my abs. I may actually have some decent definition by contest date. Yippeee!!

Got to go now. I have a date with a sweet potato!

Love and kisses,


all done!


  1. Tosca, all I can say is WOW...your abs are amazing! I can only dream... :)

    I am so proud of you! You a doing great and only a few days left!

    continue to inspire!

    i'm prayin' for you to keep your energy up til Saturday!

    heidi in NorCal

  2. Absolutely love those abs. Absolutely fantastic girl. You are sure keeping me inspired.

    Keep up the great job.

  3. You look sooo great! Awesome abs!

  4. Tosca,

    You're going to blow the competition away. You look absolutely contest amazing (and you always look amazing when not competing)! Beautiful physique. Those are killer abs to die for. I would never have known that you have 3 daughters.

    Have fun at the competition and I hope you will post some pictures of the competition.

  5. You're going to rock that competition!!! I'm rooting for you!!! I'll send up many prayers for you in the next few days. Good luck!!

  6. You look awesome, you give me something to aspire to. I admire your dedication, it makes me feel like I can do it too. Again awesome, I cant wait to see you all dry and dark in your copmetition suit!

  7. Wow!!!
    Keep up the great work!!
    Your an inspiration to all us over forty girls!

  8. You definitely have a lot of wisdom! I love reading your blog. Can I be you when I grow up? :)

    Just out of curiosity ... how far down is your body fat %? I would LOVE to do a competition but have much to learn!

    Thank you for the constant inspiration!!

    Angie K

  9. I completely cracked up at the last photo... too cute, take care and all the best! Oh ya I'd date a sweet potato anytime! YUM

  10. You look fantastic and are an inspiration to women. Best wishes.

  11. Hi Tosca,

    Enjoy the event! You have worked very hard and the results are very impressive. Thanks for sharing all your preparation and stories on your blog..all very interesting and lets us feel like we know you. Great job, I'm proud of you. Not only are you smart and articulate, great family woman, but fit, healthy and attractive. What a great role model you are.

  12. Wow, you look amazing, Tosca! Great job!

  13. I love the way you look now & I loved the way you looked before. You inspire me!

    Can you please tell me why I can't click on your photos in your blog and enlarge them like before? You must have changed the settings.

    Take care & good luck at the contest.


  14. Go Tosca, go! You look FANTASTIC and are a REAL encouragement to us all! Good luck!!!

  15. You've come a long way BABY!!

    Hang in there, just 3 more days. You should be so proud of look amazing!!

    Best of luck to you!

  16. You are going to blow away the competition! Go get 'em ;)

  17. You are looking fantastic Tosca! When I grow up, can I be like you?? Best of luck this weekend in your contest. I am running my very first marathon this Saturday, so we are sort of in the same boat...i guess...well maybe not really...I dunno! HA! Knock em dead!!

  18. wow! what a road you have travelled over the past couple of weeks. A true inspiration. The past couple of days have been rough, but hang in there, be strong and be proud. You've done a great job.


  19. WooooHooooo! Almost there!!!


  20. YAHHHHHHHO! You look FAB you are taking first place Tosca, no doubt in my mind. Love the pic of you laying down after haha. I'm glad carbs are back in your life for now...when do you start to stock up on them?? Ahh the body is such a wonderful thing and yours is beautiful...I know you damn well earned it too :) Thanks for being my motivation.

    Keep it up girl!!!!!!!!xox lots of love, Jenna

  21. Best wishes this weekend and can't wait to see the contest pic's and your 1st prize! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. TO

  22. Good Luck Tosca! Hope the competition goes in your favour tomorrow. You are an inspiration and role model to all who aspire to lead a more healthy and balanced life. ~ DMYK

  23. look TOO HOT now (always does actaully..) - you're gonna rule the show! Can't wait...(don't know where I can see you from Norway? Please post some links later..)

  24. look TOO HOT now (always does actaully..) - you're gonna rule the show! Can't wait...(don't know where I can see you from Norway? Please post some links later..)

  25. Ooo, those are the abs that I want !!!

    I think you're doing great!


  26. 'Anonymous', if you think the physique contest world is "healthy and balanced", you are deluded, my friend...

    Clean Eating is healthy and balanced. Contest prep starvation and dehydration tactics are definitely not.


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