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Monday, September 15, 2008

Six Days to Contest!

Good Morning!

Today is six days out from contest. Let me just say, the hard part begins today. At noon I will start carb depleting and will continue to do so for the rest of the day today, all of Tuesday and Wednesday. It freaks me out a lot because I don't do well without carbs. I have planned to stay close to home and do little except what needs to be done to prepare for the contest. I can hardly think straight when I don't have carbs. Good thing it is just for a little bit and then I can carb load!!

Yesterday I trained hard - I did a long cardio session alternating sprints with fast walking. Then I trained traps, lats, calves and abs. Each day I am becoming more and more tired. But physique wise the cuts are coming and my upper abs are in. This may be the best my abs have ever looked. We will wait and see what the rest of the weeks' preparations bring.

Food yesterday and so far today:


2/3 cup cooked large flake oats with 2 TBSP each bee pollen and flax seed

6 egg whites from hard boiled eggs

1000 ml water

6 ounces wheat grass

1 black coffee

fish oil supplement

(I ate this both yesterday and today)


handful steamed green beans

4 egg whites
herbal tea

Lunch yesterday:

2 cups mixed salad greens

6 ounces poached salmon

pumpkin oil and lemon juice for dressing

Mid Afternoon:

1 apple

6 almonds

3 egg whites

black coffee


6 ounces grilled salmon

1/2 sweet potato

1 cup mixed steamed vegetables

500 ml water

herbal tea

Before Bed:

4 egg whites

500 ml water

This is Rachel underneath her Ikea desk using a screw driver to assemble it. Yes she is smiling - but really she was cursing. Ikea stuff is hard to put together! She eventually did get out from underneath her desk. It took us three days to put her furniture together!!! Fingers hurt!!

This is Rachel in her new apartment havign a piece of burnt garlic bread. Okay - she can have carbs. I can't! Wah-wah! See how much fun she is having!

This is a picture of me tyring to wrestle with a couch in Rachel's apartment in Portland. I am not winning! Not exactly my best angle but you get the idea!

I will stay in touch. Oh by the way, carb depletion starts in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Send hugs!



  1. We're all so proud of you! Your abs look the best they ever have?!...Whoo-hoo for Tosca! You can do it, you're almost there! As far as carbs're stronger than they are, you'll make it and then you can celebrate! (notice all of the !, this is a pep-note of course!) Inspirational Tosca, great job.

  2. Good luck Tosca you are almost there. Only a few more days and things can go back to normal. Wish I had time to come and see you in Toronto this weekend but can't get the time off work. Sending all my best.

  3. Hugs, hugs, hugs hugs!

    Good luck Tosca...almost there...almost done!


  4. lots of hugs coming Tosca! you are such an example for all of us! you inspire me! go Tosca! go Tosca! Whoop whoop!
    more hugs,
    Heidi Mohs
    SF Bay Area, CA

  5. lots of hugs coming Tosca! you are such an example for all of us! you inspire me! go Tosca! go Tosca! Whoop whoop!
    more hugs,
    Heidi Mohs
    SF Bay Area, CA

  6. Hi Tosca! 'Go git er!' I am going to be coming to the competition in the evening to cheer you on!!

  7. WOOPS-that was me up above,
    Good Luck,
    Arlene M , Thornhill, ON

  8. TFS the fun pics!..and now we are waiting for your serious abs-pics!

    I admire you, you're five years older than me - and a true inspiration!

    HUGS - all the way from Norway!

  9. You rock girl!! Keep it up! Huuuuggsss!!

    Do you know if we can purchase a dvd of the competition? Or, will it be televised?


  10. HUGE hugs, you rock Tosca!

  11. Hang tough, Tosca! You are almost there!!!



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