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Monday, August 18, 2008

Eating Out in NYC While Prepping for a Competition

So this is Day 3 in NYC. My daughter is at the Joffrey and has begun her first day of classes. My other family members and I ventured off to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) after a bit of shopping around the Meatpacking District. Of course with traveling comes the adventures of eating out for all meals. I could only bring so much in my cooler with me since I was going across the border.


9:30 am Breakfast (I was extra friendly to my waiter at Pastis. I explained to him carefully twice that I needed my oatmeal cooked with water and an egg-white omelet made with 4 eggs rather than the customary 2)
oatmeal cooked with water
4 scrambled egg whites
2 cups black coffee
500 ml water

11:30 am Mid Morning Snack
black coffee
1 apple (from the hotel)

2:15 pm Lunch
green salad with poached chicken (I was lucky that the MoMA restaurant offered poached chicken which is even better than grilled during competition prep)
500 ml water

7:15 pm Dinner


Early Morning - empty stomach
30 minutes sprints on treadmill

Abs and lats
Chest and calves

By the way, my mind is consumed with what kind of design to put on my competition suit. Any ideas???? I visited the Ed Hardy store today to get some interesting ideas.

Okay - gotta run and figure out what to wear for supper.
And hey! The MOMA is hot! Love those Monets, Chagalls and Picassos. Genius!!

Keep it tight!

p.s. My pre comp shots are at home. I will upload them as soon as I get back!


  1. Thanks for the fantastic eating & training journal. Hang in there for the competition.

    Just wondering how exactly do you cook your egg whites everyday?

    Also - what are HIITS ?


  2. Dear Tosca, I check your blog site at least twice a day looking for the inspiration you give me each time! Just keep them coming please!!! You are truly amazing! Can't wait to see your before and after pics! Enjoy your stay in NYC!

  3. Hiya,

    I love that you still decided to compete despite having to travel. This shows true dedication. You are an inspiration.

    Looking forward to seeing your precomp pictures.


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