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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Montel Moment

I am in New York City today sitting in the green room of the Montel Williams Show. I thought I would write to all of you and share this exciting moment. We're doing a live taping in 1/2 an hour. We tape in front of a live audience and air the episode at a later date. I will let you know what date that is as soon as possible.

I am a little nervous, but very excited to spread the word even further. What do you do when you get nervous? When my daughters were competing in dance they used to take a moment backstage by themselves and do some deep breathing. I usually turn off my computer and cell phone and review my notes in my head.

On that note, I am going to steal a mantra from a Lululemon poster I have. It goes: "DO ONE THING A DAY THAT SCARES YOU". 

Isn't this a great message? Keeps you on  your toes and keeps you challenged. This may mean taking a step into the weight room for the first time, or heading into the department store to find a pair of jeans that finally fits you now that you've lost all that weight. It could even mean trying a new food, like tofu. I was scared of that at first.

Whatever you do, take a few moments today to try out this mantra. I'll be doing it too!


  1. Oh Wow! Please let us know when it will air!!!!

    Can't wait to see you at the Arnold next week!


  2. I love Montel, it is great people are going to see you spread the good word on clean eating. I finally got the message and it really does work. Thank you for making it so simple to understand.


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