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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Beautiful...

Well, I've been thoroughly enjoying my time here in Arizona. I was in the lovely city of Prescott on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a picturesque place with rolling hills and jutting red-rock mountains in the background. Such a different scenery than what I am used to in Ontario. Bonus: there is no snow here!

Now I am writing to you from Phoenix, where I am curled up in my bathrobe because it is 6:30 in the morning!!! I have an appearance on Sonoran Living television this morning, as well as a book signing at Costco this evening at 5pm.

After touring around Phoenix and the surrouning suburbs yesterday, I've decided this would be a lovely place to live. I guess this is why they call Scottsdale the "most livable city".

I've managed to squeeze in my workouts, even though the hotel fitness centers have been less than stellar. It actually presents an excellent challenge to me to figure out how I can use the equipment to work the muscles I need to. Eating Clean is also quite easy here, too. Of course, even if it wasn't easy, I would find a way.

Well, I should be going to get ready for my appearance this morning. My tummy is rumbling and it's time for breakfast. I hope to see some of you this evening at my book signing. For those of you not in the Arizona area... I hope to meet you soon, too! Keep it tight!


  1. Good Morning, Tosca!

    I used to live in Arizona over 10 years ago. (Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix to name a few cities.) Wonderful weather during the wintertime but the heat! Whew! Don't let people tell you its a dry heat. Hot is hot!

    What definitely is hot us your clean-eating diet which I started earlier this month. I wanted to punch up my strength training by adding more protein to my diet. I have more energy than ever before!

    Thank you! Have a great day!

    O/T - Did you notice there were lots of fast food places around in Phoenix? People will drive over, buy, a bunch of junk, and then head home to isolate themselves in their air conditioned homes. How do I know this? Personal experience! :)

  2. I can't type today. I meant is* not us.

  3. I love Arizona! I lived there for 8 years-It's my favorite place in the states-if I ever moved back to the states-I would live in Arizona again.
    Ever planning a visit to Australia?


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