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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grab Your Coffee

Hello Clean Eaters one and all,

I hope my American readers enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend. How did Eating Clean go? I'd love to know if any of you tried recipes from the cookbook and how they fared at your feast. Let me know.

Now, grab your coffee and settle in... I'd like to have a chat with you about Eating Clean...

This lifestyle follows the principles outlined in my 1st book: The Eat-Clean Diet. If you've read the book and have made or are beginning to make changes in your habits you know that calorie counting is NOT a part of this plan.

For many of you this will be a departure from all of the information you've heard/read/used in your life to date. Calories, calories, calories... everyone is worried about them, and let's face it we all know too many is not a good thing, BUT the main issue is CALORIE COUNTING. This impossible feat should be left to educated dieticians, nutritionists and doctors. I say this because it's almost impossible to get it right. Using online databases or computer software will inevitably leave you with the wrong count in most cases.

Your best solution is to forget it!

You don't need to calorie count, nor do you have the time.

Here's why (aside from the fact that it is extremely difficult to calculate accurately): If you follow the proper portion sizes outlined in the Eat-Clean Diet book you will be consuming exactly the right amount of fuel for your body.

Remember the measure are all based on your own body size:
Protein - size of your palm
Whole Grains - 1 handful
Whole Grains from Fruits and Vegetables - 2 handfuls

Incorporate these 3 elements into each meal and you DO NOT need to CALORIE COUNT!!! You'll be getting exactly the right amount of nutrition for your body.

So throw away your calculators and scales and computer programs and frustration. The Eating Clean way is here to stay and will make your life a lot easier.



  1. Tosca,
    I tried several of your recipes from your cookbook. I was going to home that is far from clean eating. So the dishes I made were subsitutes for what would not be abe to eat. I made your rice dressing (p. 336), blackberry and apple crumble (p.302), cranberry relish (p. 338). All three dishes were very good. The rice dressing went over well, and I was surprised how good the cranberry relish was, which I usually pass up, but the way it is made is so different from the pass recipes, I gave it a try and I am glad I did. Thank you for providing such a great cookbook. I have made more of the recipes out of this book, then any of the many other cookbooks I own.

  2. Tosca,

    Thanks for reminding everyone not to count calories. I've read all your books including the Butt Book and have lost 20 lbs and 12 inches so far without counting one calorie. I watch all my girlfriends get caught up with calculators and journals and what a waste of time. Thanks again for everything. * Jenna

  3. I had a dinner party Saturday night and made the rice and apple stuffing along with the mashed sweet potatoes to go with a main dish (chickpea tart topped with cranberry sauce from another cookbook). Both of your dishes were hits. If I hadn't made them myself then I would have doubted how healthy they were.

    Once again, I must compliment you on how veg-friendly your cookbook is.

    Warm wishes,
    S. Moffatt

  4. Tosca,

    Thanksgiving went surprisingly well for me. I wasn't hosting so I was a little nervous. I skipped the gravy and dessert. I had a red wine with dinner, so that was my treat. I brought your cranberry relish and everyone loved it.

    I have enjoyed your cookbook immensely. My children loved the cranberry/fig cookies, and the pumpkin muffins. I will make your oatmeal bake for Christmas morning, and I am going to make your protein bars again this weekend. Oh, we also enjoyed the stuffed pork tenderloin as well. I came up with a clean spicy shrimp creole and served it over whole grain rice so your recipes have really inspired me to step outside the box with cooking. Thanks so much!

    Eating Clean for 2 mos. - Holly


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