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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Is Upon Us

Hello Fellow Clean Eaters,

September is upon us! How quickly the month of August passed. I took some much needed vacation time away from my computer and supplemented by spending time with my daughters and doing things around the house. Now, it's back into a routine.

I appreciate the change that fall brings. A change in the weather (for us here in Canada) and a change in the daily grind with school back in session. I have spent the past week moving two of my daughters out of the house and into their respective schools. It has been busy, what with packing (and unpacking at the other end), painting, cleaning and decorating less than lovely student housing. Seeing the bright, shining faces of new students venturing into another year of school reminded me of the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and determination to eat clean and stay healthy!

Now is the time to revamp your workout if you've plateaud or add a new veggie/fruit to your clean-eating repertoire. Now that summer is departing us, let's use fall as a fresh start on our way to healthy lifestyles!!

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