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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things to Look Out for...

One of my favourite things to do at seminars is ask everyone to stand up, grab their booty and give it a good squeeze! Is it rock hard? Or could it rival Jell-O? Maybe it's as flat as a board? Either way our rear ends can always use a little extra TLC. In light of this, I have begun writing the Butt Diet Book as a follow up to the Butt Book. Some of you may have already picked up the Butt Book (see picture). If not be sure to grab a copy at

Plans are currently underway to begin shooting the Eat-Clean Diet Workout Video. You can imagine that clean eating is in full force more than ever at my house in preparation for hours of shooting ahead. Keep an eye out for the debuts of both of these exciting additions!

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  1. How exciting! I just picked up a copy of your book, "The Eat Clean Diet" yesterday as it was recommended by Jari Love on a forum on her website. I'm no stranger to healthy eating habits, but I feel this may be just what I need to help me increase my results. Anyway, I'll be awaiting the release of your video! You're an inspiration!




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